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2018 The Best eCommerce Platform for Dropshiping


When you log into Quora, you will find over 50 queries pointing towards the Best eCommerce Platform for those who want to dropship online.

Based on the vague answers and unrealistic reviews I read on some of the threads, I decided to write unbiased of what I think should rank number one for anyone who wants to start drop shipping and looking for an affordable platform.

A Brief Introduction to My Best eCommerce Platform

Shopify was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Apparently, they support over 300,000 sellers with their hosted e-commerce platform software. In short, Shopify makes it easy for people who do not know about programming, coding and web development to create and manage their online store.

They do this so that entrepreneurs can focus on strengthening aspects of their business where they are good without worrying about technical issues.


For most e-commerce companies, Shopify is always the best choice. There are so many ways to work with the Shopify eCommerce platform for any business, regardless of the company you want to use.
Like Shopify’s first e-commerce platform, additional features like apps and themes are created for Shopify, before another e-commerce platform and other tools and services that e-commerce companies use, such as E-mailing services, dropshipping providers.

Shipping and fulfillment services will always be easy to integrate with Shopify as they can be combined with any e-commerce platform.

In this post, we discuss what is so special about Shopify and what kind of services they offer. Shopify if you have not tried it yourself, get an idea of what you can expect from them, and if you have already used your Shopify online store, you can learn something new about what they can offer to your company. Let’s go.

Shopify Is For Small Businesses And Large Companies

Shopify has the unique ability to support small businesses run by different owners who have just begun and large companies that generate a lot of traffic and monetize.

What the specific needs of the company are, Shopify’s most important ability to work easily translates into any business, big or small.

For Big Businesses

Shopify has been so useful in managing business since then, companies have migrated their business to Shopify to process the technical details, Companies can focus their attention elsewhere. It is the same for small businesses but on a larger scale.

Companies like Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, and MVMT Watches operate through Shopify Plus, a subset of Shopify’s e-commerce platform for large and growing merchants. If it works for them, it can work for you too.

For Start-up Companies

In the past, you had the opportunity to run a successful business. Everything was different: companies only exist in physical stores and businesses dump huge amounts of money to pay their business, which, if financed by a bank, poses a huge personal risk.

Not only should they offer personal property as collateral, but they would also go bankrupt, they would be essentially radioactive for each bank within their reach and unable to re-enter a loan.

Fortunately for us, starting a business is no longer so difficult. You can now start your small business thanks to Shopify’s monthly payment platform, which is likely to be lower than your mobile phone bill. If your store is not working, you can stop or cancel your payments without affecting it. It is easy.


In addition to the monetary aspect of running a small business, Shopify, as an e-commerce platform, supports significant business processes by significantly reducing work and technology expertise. Most people who want or become entrepreneurs do not have a thorough knowledge of the web development and encoding needed to use a successful, safe, self-hosted, self-hosted website that is worth viewing and to use.

Is fully functional

Of course, it is possible to learn how to set up a secure, beautiful and functional website that you host without having to undergo formal training, but each of these elements must be maintained on time for optimal performance and performance.

This maintenance is not possible. It’s not easy for you; it can be a very dull and frustrating experience.

Shopify is already doing maintenance for you, so you can safely use a safe, beautiful and functional website for your online business. What your Shopify pays monthly to use its service is like paying an employee to solve all your technical issues so that you can manage product development, customer service, and strategic planning; except you do not need an employee. Shopify simply manages their end so you can manage yours.

Shopify Is A Hosted E-commerce Platform

When creating a website for your e-commerce company, there are essentially two choices: setting up a self-hosted website or setting up a hosted website. What does it mean?

Self-hosted websites are fully managed and managed by the creator of the website. All maintenance, troubleshooting, and security systems are implemented by the site creator and it is their responsibility to maintain, secure and use it.

Hosted websites contain all the maintenance that is managed by an experienced and expert third party that provides maintenance, troubleshooting, and security for people who make websites through their service.

For people who do not master the technical computer and programming skills, it is highly recommended to build your website on a hosted platform. Starting a business is a learning curve in itself, without having to spend time-solving technological issues while working on other aspects of your business.

Even people with technical computer activities use hosted platforms because of their level of security and ease of use, so they are relevant to everyone.

These are the benefits of using the Shopify platform to grow your e-commerce business:

  • You do not have to define anything
  • You do not have to worry about your customers or your safety
  • You do not have to monitor the uptime and peak time of your website
  • You can host a new domain or an existing domain through them
  • Your customers can quickly load your site, anywhere in the world
  • You have unlimited bandwidth for all Shopify subscriptions
  • A backup of your shopping data is automatically made
  • You do not need to know how to encode
  • You do not have to worry about the technical side of running a website


This saves you the stress and frustration in addressing complex technical issues to a team of experts so that the security and reliability of your e-commerce website are never compromised. Shopify’s hosted e-commerce service gives you peace of mind.

Shopify Is An Economic Platform For Use

Compared to the fact that most people had a loan from a bank to create physical company years ago, and many people make the same day today, able to shop online. Monthly payments that cost you less coffee each day of the week is quite remarkable.


The simple Shopify subscription gives you access to all their security features and updates, as well as most features, for $ 29 (USD) per month. For better credit card rates and access to more features, their Shopify subscription is priced at $ 79 (USD) per month. Finally, they also have an advanced Shopify plan to provide advanced enterprise scaling features that cost $ 299 a month.

Best eCommerce Platform

For most individual companies and newcomers, the basic plan of Shopify is usually the best option. It gives you access to all key features at a very clear monthly price.

User-friendly interface

Because no coding experience is required to develop your own Shopify e-commerce store, it was very easy for you to make the adjustments you need in a part of your store.

They give you options, you choose what you want, fill in empty spaces and get your store. Of course, if you use Shopify for the first time, there will be a bit of a learning curve that shows you exactly where everything is in the backend, but everything is explained in a fully accessible way so you can make step-by-step adjustments.
Here’s how Shopify’s administration is defined:


Get an idea of what’s happening in your business. View today’s sales and visitors, view recent activities and get a list of Shopify ads.


Manage, follow and view orders and set orders for customers who place them by phone.


Add your products to this section, import your existing product inventory, manage inventory transfers, activate inventory registration, organize products through collections, and sell gift certificates.

Best eCommerce Platform


When a customer places an order, this section displays their details and their purchase history.


Get an overview of your store’s sales, refunds, taxes, and payments, and view your dashboard with information about your visitors over time, your conversions, and other specific information.

Online Shop

Change the look of your store by changing, navigating, and customizing your theme.

Best eCommerce Platform


Open the Shopify App Store for tools to manage aspects of your online business like marketing, sales, social media, shipping, inventory, accounting, customer service, and more.


View your store details, payment gateways, payment settings, shipping preferences, tax settings, and more.

The Shopify App Store

Because Shopify is one of the best e-commerce, if not the best e-commerce platform, applications are almost always compatible with Shopify when applications are made to support e-commerce stores.

This means that the Shopify App Store has the latest and most innovative tools to make your eCommerce business more efficient.
The Shopify App Store offers a variety of services that you can use to enhance Shopify’s purchasing features.

From Shopify marketing apps, sales apps, social media apps, shipping, inventory apps, customer service, accounting, reports and more, these are apps that help you improve your business.

In addition to the fact that Shopify has its application store, there are also other companies that specialize in creating exclusive applications for Shopify.

Application integration features may not seem to be a reason to choose an e-commerce platform to start a business, but that means you still have access to the latest tools. You can use to manage your business as well as possible.

If you just start, it may not seem so important, but you can need a better management tool your business needs, and if you have easy access to the Shopify application, your problem is simple.

Solve. All e-commerce platforms do not offer application stores and applications offered by Shopify, so if you want access to the integration of the most relevant and innovative applications, Shopify is an easy choice.

Shopify Supports Various Types Of Business Models

Regardless of the type of store you are using or want to start, Shopify can handle it. Whether your business model is based on drop shipping, subscriptions, partners, occasional personal sales, “buy” buttons embedded in blog posts, Facebook marketing or a combination of these options, Shopify supports everything.

Advertise On Facebook

Just as you can earn money with your blog with the Shopify Buy buttons, you can sell Facebook just as easily, so your customers do not even have to exchange platforms.

You have access to all the Shopify features you would typically use, but you do not have to redirect your customers to another website so they can shop directly on Facebook. By selling on Facebook, you also expose your business to an online zone with lots of organic traffic that can make your business grow.

Shopify Pos System

Let’s say you want to open a short-term store or that your store is present at an event or festival, e.g., summer/winter or Valentine where you want to sell your products personally. With Shopify’s sales system, you can quickly and efficiently integrate your e-commerce sales with your sales through their special sales software.

This system allows you to make credit card payments everywhere, despite the device you are on, your Shopify product inventory is updated in real time, and your data is stored online as usual. This way, your business can be taken anywhere and support you and your customers wherever and when they occur.

For a seamless payment experience, use the Chip & Swipe Shopify wireless card reader to effortlessly synchronize with your Shopify store when you sell it personally.

It has certified EVM chip technology, leading coding, accepts all credit cards, oh and it’s free for any startup and long-term businesses that are new to Shopify POS. Would it be better than that?

Dropshipping Business module set up

If you are not familiar with what dropshipping is, you can read our article, but if you are interested in starting an online business with little time and money to invest, dropshipping is one of your best options.

Creating an e-commerce store with Shopify and pairing with a dropshipping service is easy to do and you can do it completely independently.

Many drop shipping providers have apps in the App Store that integrate Shopify with Shopify stores, making it a smooth process whenever a customer places an order. This way you do not have to send orders to your drop shipper, every time you receive one, this happens automatically.

Subscription Service Models

With a simple integration app, your regular Shopify store can get a subscription service so your customers can return orders and automatically post messages without fuss. Although Shopify does not provide subscription form self-service, the ReCharge app is your best option if you want to use a subscription service.

Shopify Buy buttons

Earn money on your blog without having to create an entirely separate platform by adding Shopify Buy buttons to your blog posts. You have access to all of the usual Shopify features, such as order history, customer contact information, tracking information, sales analyzes and Shopify Apps, but your blog cannot suppress your entire shopping experience, so your customers do not.


As with drop shipping, if you want to sell online without spending much time and money, running an e-commerce store that sells products through affiliate links can be a fun option.

Shopify supports branches with simple application integrations that allow you to promote and link a product from another store, such as Amazon, through your affiliate link.

Shopify Channel Integrations

If you sell your products through multiple channels, such as your online store, checkout, purchase button, facebook and more, Shopify can easily place all your information and data on one platform. Uniform shape.

You can quickly sell and track inventory, so you do not make mistakes. When it’s time to measure analytics and accounts, you’ll find all the information you need in one place. Shopify currently integrates with popular channels like Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, Wanelo, Houzz, wish, kik, BuzzFeed and more.

Shopify Plus

Shopify plus offers a scalable e-commerce platform that meets your business needs. Shopify supports large-volume businesses by offering the same hosted service to other businesses on a larger scale, making it a much easier process to manage. Shopify also focuses on working with Shopify plus vendors to help them plan for growth and maintain their competitive edge.

Shopify Checkouts

Use Shopify payment processing system to help your customers check faster. With this secure system, customers only need to enter their email address and 6-digit verification code to make a purchase, which shortens the billing process from multiple fields to two.

Your customers no longer need to enter repetitive information, such as their shipping and billing information. Shopify pay will provide the information in advance so that you only need a few clicks or tires until it’s completed.

As a merchant, this ensures your payment period expires, increasing your conversion rates because customers have a limited time to exit the shopping cart.

It also gives your customers a better experience because they can use Shopify pay in all Shopify stores, so cost verification is also much less expensive and works on any device or browser.

Shopify Blog, Support, And Experts

With excellent service comes a big responsibility. Shopify recognizes the power of their e-commerce software when their customers know how to use it, so they focus on teaching Shopify users through their blog and support pages and offer additional help through their expert repertoire.

For each subject or question regarding e-commerce, Shopify has probably discussed it on her blog. With everything from knowledge, inspiration, announcements, and updates to case studies analyze, experiments and how-tos, there is something on their blog that raises everyone’s interests.

Their support pages contain detailed instructions to help each Shopify user, even the smallest amount of it knowledge, make a store for your products on Shopify.

This is the best place to get answers to the technical questions that arise when making an online e-commerce store and it’s a great place to browse because you probably find tips, tricks, and solutions for design preferences and development you have not considered yet.

You can lift your store to a higher level with the Shopify support pages, and Shopify gives you instructions to do it yourself.

If you want to make complicated changes to your store and you do not find your questions on Shopify support pages or listed as an advanced procedure, you can use the Shopify experts team.

These experts are experts in their field, and for a fair price, they can help you solve technical issues to turn your store into what you want, or to solve a problem. These experts are instrumental in sharing because they make the experience with Shopify even better.


Here’s a detailed overview of why we think Shopify is the best e-commerce platform that any entrepreneur can use, regardless of the business model, company size, or experience level. It’s cheap, easy to manage, hosted and supports startups, big companies and all types of companies in between.

Their blog offers strong support to users, plus a dedicated team of Shopify experts who can be rented to help you with different tasks related to your business.

Their app store offers the most innovative, relevant, and current applications available for e-commerce stores, and is easy to integrate into all Shopify stores, making them more efficient and effortless. Shopify is our favorite e-commerce platform, but do not take it on us, try it yourself.

Best eCommerce Platform

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