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A Brief Overview of Dropshipping


A dropshipping business model involves a process where the product distributor (wholesaler/retailer) does the transaction for you. This process does not require the seller to stock up on inventory, and upon receiving the order, the product is packed and shipped directly to the customer with your company’s label emboldened.

If you are a beginner, who is looking to start his own business, dropshipping can be a great business model to start with. This business model does not require any upfront capital and the amount of risk is minimal. However, the advantages of drop shipping are many.

This is how you set up your dropshipping business:

  1. Come up with your business’ name and ensure that the name is easy, simple and at the same time, catchy. You want your business’ name to be unique.
  2. Use the Shopify platform to create your Shopify account and follow the intuitive process to proceed forward.
  3. Now, it is time to optimize your Shopify account so that it is ready to accept orders and payments. During this process, you will be establishing your payment methods, creating store policies, and establishing your shipping rates.
  4. It is time to launch your dropshipping store through Shopify. In the Shopify dashboard access the “sales channels” and select “add an online store”.
  5. The final step requires you to pay attention to the design of impeccable user experience of your drop shipping store.

Designing and launching a dropshipping store has never been this easier. To learn more about dropshipping and Shopify nuances, visit our website and connect with us.

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