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How to Buy A Domain Name On Shopify


How to Buy A domain name on Shopify

Now that you’ve signed up on, its time your store to have a professional domain name and in this article, I cover on how to buy a domain name on Shopify.

What is a domain name?

Just like an email address, you need a domain name to represent your brand or store.

A domain name is a URL when clicked one will access your store or site on Shopify. So if I’m sellingĀ  fashion related products, I would try to have a domain name that represents fashion or closely associated with the style.

The customers will go to a specific URL provided by you for them to place an order on your store online hence thus a domain name of your shop.

To operate a domain name more so as a newbie is not an easy task but in this article, I cover few pointers that will enable you to buy and set up a domain name on Shopify easily.

You opt to buy your domain name on other platforms but what makes buying a domain name on Shopify is you get to skip all the hustle that domain configuration gives new users.

When you buy on Shopify, you won’t need to set up or configure your domain’s A name and CNAME records instead Shopify do it for you at no cost.


A domain name is your website address or name that customers or internet users get directed to when they click on your site.

You landed on my website by clicking (thus a domain name).

Does Shopify offer free domain names?

During the sign-up, I believe you chose a random domain name for your new store, and you must have noticed it had a extension.

Shopify offers a free domain name during the sign-up, not many end up using them but to the few who uses them am not sure about their success or how customers perceive their brand.

It’s advisable to have a premium domain unlike free domain name provided by Shopify.If I were to sign up today, I would get something like this which is a default Shopify domain name.

Why you need a premium domain name

To run a successful Shopify dropshipping business one need a domain name to help with identification.Branding plays a significant role in portraying your business as professional.

A premium domain name increases business authenticity, trust, and security.It is unlikely for a customer to buy a product from a shop with extension than buying from a store with a premium domain name without the Shopify extensions.

Factors to consider when buying a domain name on Shopify

Talking from a customer perspective.its likely for me to come back on a site if I can quickly remember the domain name without bookmarking the site. So here are few things to look for when buying a domain name on Shopify;

  • Make the domain name short and memorable
  • Avoid funny characters like dashes
  • Avoid numbers
  • Go for one-word domain name, e.g.,
  • If possible avoid keyword related domain names, e.g.,
  • Go for brandable names, e.g.,
  • Avoid using copyright words on your domain name

How to buy a domain name on Shopify

Congratulations on setting up shop on Shopify, now its time to start working the magic, so your store to look the part.
Log into your shop and click on the ”online store’ tab, while still on that, click on domains.

Now that you are on the tab ”Domains’ let me explain few of the terms you will encounter while on this page.

Connecting an existing domain name

If by any chance already have a domain name registered by other domain name providers and not on Shopify, you have the option of pointing it to Shopify hosting platform instead of buying a new one.

For instance, I usually buy my domain name at Namecheap since it cost me only $10 per year unlike on other platforms where it goes up to $14 per year just like on Shopify.

Domain Name On Shopify

If you know or can point your domain name to Shopify, then you can use domain registrar of your choice and point the domain name to Shopify but if you lack the know-how on how to point an already existing domain name kindly just buy the domain name on Shopify.

For now, let us stick to buying a domain name later I will cover on How to point an existing domain name to Shopify.So, do you have a domain already? if yes click the tab” connect existing domain”.

Buy or connect a domain on Shopify

If you are to add a new domain name bought on Shopify, it’s as easy as registering on Shopify.

Click on ”Buy or connect a domain” you will be redirected to a search tab where you are to enter the domain name you wish to posses for your blog all you have to do to select the domain name and click on buy.

Before you click on buy, ensure the domain you want to buy is available, and the correct TLD is displayed.There are some TLD that will show up as the result of the name you intend to buy.

If you are looking towards buying a dot com Extension, then make sure you don’t end up buying dot net extension.

What Next?

You just bought a domain name, Shopify will deduct the domain fee on the card associated with your Shopify account.The domain will start reflecting immediately with both the security features offered on Shopify.

If you just followed the above instruction, then I must believe you already have the domain name in your domain account.

Bravo! Go ahead and click on the drop-down and make it your primary domain.

Ecommerce dropshipping

Also if you choose whether to direct all the traffic to the bought domain or not to but it’s advisable always to check that box.
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