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5 Obscure Facts About AliExpress Vs Alibaba Dropshipper Should Know


Wondering what’s the difference between Aliexpress and Alibaba?

5 Things ABout ALiexpress VS ALibaba Any dropshipper wont tell you

Dropshipper and importer all around tend to confuse these two giant sites, even though they are both owned by Alibaba group they have a big difference in service delivery.


If you are an importer all around the world, you probably have looked into these two sites with a question of which is the best for importing goods from China?

Why Would I Use Alibaba As A Dropshipper And Not Aliexpress?

If you lie in that group of people, then you are in the right place.

Alibaba and Aliexpress are both owned by the giant company Alibaba group, which was formed by techprenuer Jack Ma 17 years ago and now worth $35billion.

Jack was motivated by the need to have an online retail and wholesale market in China and what way to beat it than create an online E-business site that will later be a platform that offers services wider than expected, making it the world’s largest retailer even surpassing fellow giant like Walmart. Alibaba launched AliExpress in 2010, and since then it has been a success.

Well, by now the question still stands what the difference between these two sites?

AliExpress is a giant online global retail marketplace that offers quality products at factory prices however in small quantity.As a dropshipper starting dropshipping business you need to clear distinguish between the two sites before you start your eCommerce dropshipping.

However, people still think it offers products in wholesale but customers pay an end consumer price (this means that the people who select and buy the product or service are not necessarily the same as the people who ultimately use or consume it.


And this is why it is referred to as a dropshipping site because they send the product to end consumers; however, Alibaba is a global wholesaler platform but still do dropshipping regularly.

However, their primary goal is to deal with the bulk product thus it’s easier to offer mass discount and even customizing product on a bulk quantity.

AliExpress is sometimes compared to Amazon for its customer focus trait.Its payment is carried out via credit card and shipping arranged.

This mode of business is always guaranteed with a refund policy set aside in case the goods aren’t delivered.

On the other hand, Alibaba is the wholesale focus, and most of its order is custom and payment is mostly by letter of credit, or sometimes a commercial facility is employed.

These orders can take up to 2-10 weeks to ship to its customer destination depending on the location on the map. In contrast to AliExpress, there is usually no guarantee from the seller, so there has to be a buyer-seller trust, but it’s always safe for the buyer to hire a QC agents.

Alibaba is said to focus B2B (Business to Business) kind of market, with its primary focus on businesses and not individuals.

This means that for you to create an account with Alibaba you have to have a registered company, then you will be able to trade, again on this site the buyer has to negotiate prices and be responsible in case the deal goes raw.

However, on the other side AliExpress main primary focus is on B2C (Business to Customer) this means that anyone out there can create an account, i.e., businesses, agents, brokers, consumers, etc. and its product come in retail prices and a buyer protection policy set aside.

Its main focus on wholesale Business to Business transaction, Alibaba’s site www.alibaba.com has the majority of manufacturers are active members who balance the demands to the supply.

On the site, there is no prices or any information on the stock these so because Alibaba is not a stock-oriented platform but order-oriented which means the manufacture customize order as per the order placed by businesses.

Buyers then can negotiate with the suppliers through e-mail or any customize communication platform, e.g., built-in messaging services.


On the selling page, you can only get an approximate figure for the commodity, and high quantity is a focus due to manufacturers and suppliers are not willing to keep stock and thus offer a customize designed goods as per customer request.

Though language barrier has been a problem with 25% of the world only understanding English, the company, however, has a custom Chinese site that is written in Chinese and can be accessed with either Chinese urls or www.china.alibaba.com. On the other side AliExpress, your order can be as low as 1 item and payment is protected.

If you are a customer and you deal with low quantity products, then AliExpress is an ideal site for you. On the site, you will find prices of this product, and a shipping fee included and language problems are greatly reduced with AliExpress.

Well to conclude if you have a business that deals with high customized goods that suits your brand the ideal place to put your bet is Alibaba, even though the process is long depending on different suppliers patience, however, pays and you receive your goods customized and ready for your market.

However, if you are looking at the minimum quantity at reduced process time and a payment policy in place then where else to go than AliExpress.

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