Dropshipping Strategies

Dropshipping Strategies That Made Nick Over $2M


Last week I asked my good friend Nick Guadagnano to come share his Dropshipping Strategies and  few tips on how to find hot products for a dropshipping store,he was kind enough to spare few hours to write it down for us. As we all know you may have a Premium Shopify theme like booster theme or turbo theme and even installed Premium Shopify apps but without a hot selling and scaling product,you are doomed.

Dropshipping Strategies

There are golden nuggets to fining hot selling products for your store,as we are all aware not every product sells neither not every niche is considered hot or scale-able. In today’s post Nick explains his exact strategies he used that made him over $2M in 12 months dropshipping on Shopify.

In my earlier post i covered about How Daniel Makes Over $80,000 Dropshipping From Uganda And he shared his strategies step by step guide to starting a dropshipping business,today we dig into a new post shared by Nick. Let’s get into it.

How to Find Hot Products for Your Store Within Minutes

These are the *exact* strategies that I’ve used in my business to bring in over $2 million in revenue over the past 1.5 years doing Aliexpress to shopify dropshipping business.

The objective of this post is to just shed some lights on how I did it,the strategies that kept me in line and how  you can apply the same methods to your eCommerce store.

It’s not a TON of money, but it’s taught me a lot…and I want to share because I learned a lot from this group.So lets take a look at his Dropshipping Strategies.

Dropshipping Strategies Guidelines

Rule #1 – Find products before the buzz

This is important. Don’t just blatantly copy other peoples products. You want to be unique. This is obvious, but heres the deal.

All the products that made me money were not popular.
They were unique products in a popular niche. You need to master the art of product research,choosing what solves customers problems Vs leisure products.

Rule #2 – Patience is key

Some products won’t bring in sales immediately.

Its important to watching certain metrics and test different interests and creatives.

We watch the CTR very closely. If the CTR is good than the ad is fine. If the ATC’s and purchases are low than there’s a problem with conversions. That means improve the product page. You can also check Samwel’s post on how to run Facebook ads for your dropshipping business which entails useful pointers covering PPE,WC,look alike and scaling Facebook ads.

Rule #3 – When you’re ready to scale. JUMP ON IT

You’ll know when it’s time to scale. Back in March I spent the first 2 weeks testing products and then on March 20th I started to get traction.

Basically I used lookalikes and scaled aggressively to $6k per day in sales before someone else tried to take my momentum.

NOTE: People WILL take your momentum. If someone sees you scaling slow and steady they will bully you out.

Rule #4 – Use spy tools & keep close tabs on whats working

Its important to keep an eye on whats trending.
I like to use tools like Commerce Inspector. It’s $500/month but its worth it.

I created my own variation of this spy tool for my own use.
I started to get tired of paying that amount.

Rule #5 – Facebook ads are all different

Everyones FB account, pixel, campaigns are all created differently. My account won’t behave like yours…
So you cannot take my specific FB advice to heart.

Take the advice with a grain of salt and continue testing.

The few Dropshipping Strategies are just but a few nuggets you need to know when it comes to choosing product for your shop.There are more than meet the eye and it’s my believe you will learn more on this blog.

But don’t change all of your rules and strategies based on someone’s FB post

Got questions? Leave a comment below. I will reply for the next hour or so while I enjoy my coffee.

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