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How To Add An Existing Domain Name To Shopify


How to Add an existing domain name to Shopify

Now that we already know how to buy a domain name on Shopify, it is wise and just to cover about how to connect an existing domain name to Shopify store suppose not purchased on the platform.

Some of us already have run a business online that at one point required us to have a domina name, hence already have domain names that are dormant or previously used but no longer in use.

There are instructions provided on Shopify on how to connect an existing domain name to Shopify,they cover up to 10 most common third part domain name registrars.

For an existing domain name, the DNS setting requires changing to point it to the new host company which in this case is Shopify.

To connect the domain name to Shopify, it’s a task that only you and your domain provider do and not Shopify support.They cant access any third party domain account.


If you are privileged to have a domain name outside Shopify platform, you can as well as migrate it to Shopify hosting.

It saves time you time and money instead of spending another $14 per year you only required to point the already existing domain name to your new store on Shopify platform.

If you’ve been wondering if there are any benefits associated by pointing an already existing domain name to Shopify unlike buying a new domain name on Shopify, well yes, the difference is the fee per year.

I buy domain names on Namecheap which cost me only $10 per year unlike when I buy on Shopify I have to part with an extra $4 per year.The good thing with Shopify, you are saved the hustle of configuring the domain name unlike when you buy it with other domain providers.

Why you need to migrate your domain to Shopify

If your wish is to use a custom domain name and not the free domain name provided by Shopify, then you will have to either bu on Shopify or connect the already existing domain name to Shopify.

When you migrate your domain name to Shopify, your store URL will reflect the domain name you pointed to the platform. A custom domain name increase faith and increases conversions.

It will save you few dollars if you already have an existing domain name even though it will take approximately 24 hours to migrate to Shopify but its worth the salt.

How to Start Migrating an existing domain name to Shopify

Just like I covered in the previous posts on how to buy a domain name on Shopify, you are required to click on ‘online store‘ tab.

From the dashboard of your Shopify store go to Online Store >>> Domains.

While on the same page click on the tab Connect existing domain name.

You then enter the existing domain name exactly how its register on the third party domain account then click Next.

How to configure the Domain name DNS to Point To Shopify

Now that you’ve added the existing domain name to Shopify, you need to configure its DNS to point entirely to Shopify platform.

Existing Domain Name To Shopify

In this section under your DNS setting, you are to select the A record of your domain name just as shown in my Namecheap account.

You are required to change the A record data and where it points to by entering Shopify IP Address which is

Existing Domain Name To Shopify

Still, on the third party account, the same page choose CNAME Record and point to Shopify by entering ””

Now that you’ve connected your domain name click on save on your DNS setting page and wait for 24-48 hours for the domain name to correctly propagate.

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