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How To Make Sales With FREE+SHIPPING


Before I talked about Free+ Shipping, I don’t see the  need to explain What is dropshipping at this point since I covered all that in my previous post theme dropshipping guide. You’ve learnt on how to choose a profitable dropshipping niches and how some who are lucky enough are already making per month drophippingg over $80,000 via shopify store.

As we all aware not all that launch Shopify stores end up making money or running the business for a long period of time, to some the longest they lasted was one week due to Ads spent and no sales coming forth. You can have a good product, a good looking shopify store with one of the best or latest Shopify themes installed but when you poor t Facebook ads, you are doomed.

So if you tried running ads on Facebook and you’ve not given Free+ Shipping a look at, its time you try and if you once tried and failed I urge you to try again after reading the insights in this post.

Is Free+ Shipping Dead? Oh no it ain’t! There are excuses online of dropshippers who have I tried this method of running ads on Facebook and were not successful to either reason known to themselves or poorly ad targeting.

Below are the best way to  run Free+ Shipping Facebook ad for your dropshipping store. The only issue is that most dropshippers don’t apply or do it the right way, So what’s the right way to run Facebook ads with ‘’Free+ Shipping’

Free+ Shipping: Focus on Selling Offers not Products

The one thing you should never do when running this type of ad is to throw some junk products gathered from Aliexpress with no sales records or potential to convert and expect it to sell. When you take this approach you are wasting money on ads by only competing solely on price and nothing besides that, this is the worst approach to Facebook ads in relation to Free + Shipping.

For a Free+Shipping ad to work, create a compelling OFFERS and Let your ad or product Stack value to your customers.

Free+ Shipping

When you add value to customers and make them feel like they are taking advantages of you with the value you are giving away, you make it easy to convert or make sales.

To anchor your Free+ Shipping campaign, throw in few useful content that offers information about the product you are trying to promote, some dropshippers even take it a notch higher by offering a free private groups for those who will take action hence they get the privilege to get products before they go.

Offer More Than one Product

It is guaranteed with a good ad and good product your ad may convert, increase in store visits and engagement, but ensure when the customers visit your store give them an offer not only to leave with one product that brought them, but also make it KNOWN that if they purchased more than one Product they get exposed to better deals.

Free+ Shipping
Free Shipping written on small crumpled up cardboard cut out truck on a brown paper background. Stock image regarding shipping, freight and road transport. Design of truck is my own.

This can be Buy One get one free or offer other variants, discounts and coupons. In some cases customers may end up buying product (s) that they never intended to buy, this is made possible by the More than one offers you provide for your customers when they hit your landing page.

Create A sales Funnel

The topic of Funnels Is a broad topic that will cover later but as per the topic is concerned, it’s very vague to run Free+ shipping straight to your Shopify product page, it’s hard to succeed doing this.

Dropshipping business for dummies

Sending traffic direct to your product page can only make sense if you have a high-end product charging 5-7x with an impeccable branding if not you need to apply the use of a front end funnel this will assist with your incoming traffic and help your customers go through a sales process.


If you wondering on how to run a successful Free+ Shipping Product campaign on Facebook, then I hope the few pointers have shared will be helpful to you when setting up the ads.

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You have any question, kindly post below. Thanks for reading.

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