How Not to Fail in your Dropshipping Business? |

How Not to Fail in your Dropshipping Business?


Are there any golden rules that can guarantee success in a dropshipping business?”

The truth is there are no guarantees. (And don’t trust anyone who says they can).

There are a lot of reasons why businesses ‘fail’ at dropshipping. Read on to know more and also learn how to avoid them.

A Poor Niche

The biggest reason why a dropshipping business could fail is selling the wrong type of product. Here are two examples.

  • Restricted Products

Restricted products are either illegal, or legal to sell online in some states, but you may not be allowed to advertise with Google Ads. For example, CBD oil. It is made from ‘hemp’ and claim to make your joints better. But you can’t advertise it with traditional Google shopping ads or traditional Facebook Ads. The product limits you.

  • Copyrighted Products

Do not think you can dropship copyrighted and trademarked products because you are not allowed to sell them.

Not finding the RIGHT Supplier

Bad suppliers or not finding the right suppliers will also set you up to fail.

For example, if your supplier is some person you found selling your product cheaper on eBay. Randomly trying to find little deals here and there is not a lasting business model.

If you’re exclusively dropshipping from China to the US or to a country where it takes 3 weeks, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Bad supplier relations can also hurt your business.

Poor Websites

If your dropshipping website looks like it was thrown together in a few hours, has typos, broken links or a faulty checkout process, you will fail.

A successful dropshipping business needs to be trustworthy. It is worth it to spend some time creating that website, if you want to succeed at dropshipping.

If you are trying to set up a drop shipping using Shopify or trying to learn about drop shipping wholesale products, check out Shopifinds and learn more about the drop shipping business.

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