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Mike Fraleigh Shares How He Made $500,000 in 10 Weeks Dropshipping


Mike Fraleigh Shares How He Made $500,000 in 10 Weeks Dropshipping As a beginner

In this post, Mike Fraleigh Shares How He Made $500,000 in 10 Weeks Dropshipping.If you still wondering what the heck is dropshipping, no need to read this case study without going how dropshipping works and what is required to start a dropshipping business in this previous post I did.

As we all know dropshippers come and go, as per statistics over 90%, aspiring dropshippers fail due to the challenges this model of business comes with.

The few who are successful also don’t like the limelight, neither do they share their strategies and action plan that made them succeed.
If you’ve been keen following my email sequences and blog posts, then you might have noticed the section where I share case studies and interviews of successful dropshippers.

who love giving back to those who want to start dropshipping business or to dropshipping experts using Shopify who wants to advance either the niche research or facebook advertising skills.

My encounter with Mike Fraleigh

I first met Mike Fraleigh in one the best e-commerce groups on Facebook by founder Nick Peroni of ecom empires.I have been a member of this group way back when it just started and hardly in our hundreds.

Today, Nick Peroni has continued offering valuable information, tips and video tutorial free of charge and this has seen the membership grows from mere hundreds to over 50,000 members. It is this group where you get to learn the same things ‘Ecom gurus’ out here sells for thousands of dollars.

Let me not bore you up, straight to the point how he did it and what you can do to achieve the same result.

Mike is a Canadian who just started dropshipping the other day, ten weeks ago when he had the idea of dropshipping but really didn’t know how to execute or how to bring it to reality, despite the challenges that come with dropshipping which we all one the number devil of all is Paypal limitation or bans,he still went ahead to test products and today eh shares hos strategies not his story with us.

How much did he make in his first full month?

According to Mike through testing ads and testing new products and with the past Q1 that made dropshipping even harder, he still managed to pull off a $315,000 in sales.

The above store which is his first dropshipping store using Shopify was launched on January 17th,2018. The store is barely 2 months old and he saw the need to share with us his journey so you and I can pick a thing or two from his ad strategies, niche research skill, ad scaling and general dropshipping store management.

After the launch of his shop, he surprisingly made over $500,000 in sales with the month of Match being his best performer. If you could ask me, $315,000 is way enough to make mark any month a good performer but goals are different, to him that wasn’t the best month.

The one killer that has seen many shops closed down or paused are the updates launched by Facebook which directly affects ad performance,targetting and the general well-being of any dropshipping business that depends entirely on Facebook ads.

It’s either ads are not spent or ads are running and no conversions and at times you get banned with no good reason hence t even pull off the numbers shared by Mike is completely insane considering the period we as dropshippers are going through the past few weeks of Facebook updates and Q1.

Despite Mike having intensive Skills in internet marketing and affiliate marketing, he still confesses that dropshipping or e-commerce business is 10 times harder compared to what he has been doing for years ”affiliate marketing”.

Dropshipping modules and affiliate marketing are two different entities in the same field of operation, where affiliate marketing only involves running ads or campaigns for someone’s else products and in return get a commission on sales.

While on the other hand, Dropshipping involves dealing with AliExpress suppliers, customers, employees (Virtual Assistant), physical products, merchants, funding and so many other things that will slow you down if you don’t have a heart for this type of online business.

It’s clear and it goes undisputed that Mike has joined the 1% club of successful dropshippers and him being a candidate he enjoys another 30% on top because of the exchange rate USD against CAD.

Mike Strategies:

Product Research

The number one question that many may have is how does he pick his product or do his product research, well According to Mike, he uses ecom inspector which is a dropshipping product research tool and it helps him find what’s working in terms of specific niches or products and he late duplicates the result given by the tool and make better.

The hardest part of starting a dropshipping business with Shopify is whether one will be successful in finding an easy to convert product or not, Mike explores the use of ecom inspector which helps him pull off data from top sellers, facebook ad targetting details, Product Ideas and the same time help retrieved numbers. He then targets an audience of up to 50 Million when launching Ads.


Ad Scaling

After a successfully finding, a good product Mike makes hundreds of $30 ad sets instead of increasing the ad budget when it still running but instead he sets all of his ads at $30 per ad set for the same product.The ad metrics are good he keeps them by duplicating the ads then kill the ones that are not converting.

Mike Fraleigh Shares How He Made $500,000 in 10 Weeks Dropshipping

Well there you have it, you can either try using the two strategies to get the same result of higher than his, Mike has proven to many of us that you can come in late or as a newbie and kill it with sales in few working days.

he simply took action and started his own dropshipping can as well start your own, kindly sign up on Shopify today and enjoy 14 days free trial.

Shopify Product Sourcing Apps

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