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How To Find Hot Products for Your Store Within Minutes


Golden Nugget Post for E-Commerce Folks ?
“How to Find Hot Products for Your Store Within Minutes.”
(This post is value-only. Not selling anything)

These are the *exact* strategies that I’ve used in my business is bring in over $2 million in revenue over the past 1.5 yrs.

It’s not a TON of money, but it’s taught me a lot…and I want to share because I learned a lot from this group.

Rule #1 – Find products before the buzz.

This is important. Don’t just blatantly copy other peoples products. You want to be unique. This is obvious, but here’s the deal…

All the products that made me money were not popular.
They were unique products in a popular niche.

Rule #2 – Patience is key.

Some products won’t bring in sales immediately.

It’s important to watching certain metrics and test different interests and creatives.

We watch the CTR very closely. If the CTR is good than the ad is fine. If the ATC’s and purchases are low then there’s a problem with conversions. That means improving the product page.

Rule #3 – When you’re ready to scale. JUMP ON IT.

You’ll know when it’s time to scale. Back in March, I spent the first 2 weeks testing products and then on March 20th I started to get traction.

Basically, I used lookalikes and scaled aggressively to $6k per day in sales before someone else tried to take my momentum.

NOTE: People WILL take your momentum. If someone sees you scaling slow and steady they will bully you out.

Rule #4 – Use spy tools & keep close tabs on what’s working.

It’s important to keep an eye on what’s trending.
I like to use tools like Commerce Inspector. It’s $500/month but its worth it.

I created my own variation of this spy tool for my own use.
I started to get tired of paying that amount.

Rule #5 – Facebook ads are all different

Everyone’s FB account, pixel, campaigns are all created differently. My account won’t behave like yours…
So you cannot take my specific FB advice to heart.

Take the advice with a grain of salt and continue testing.

But don’t change all of your rules and strategies based on someone’s FB post 

Anyways – I need to get back to work.

Got questions? Leave a comment below. I will reply for the next hour or so while I enjoy my coffee.

I hope this helps!
Nick Guadagnano

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