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Why Sell Fitness Trackers Online On Shopify?


Why sell fitness trackers online on your Shopify shop

Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches are electronic accessories that sync with the smartphone apps to keep an eye on a wide range of wellness data including calorie burned, daily steps and more.Learn why you need to Sell Fitness Trackers Online.


The fitness trackers are favorite among active and health-conscious consumers which allows them to stay in shape in an engaging and fun way by tracking each milestone they achieve regarding fitness.

Most of the fitness trackers have a pedometer function that allows the users to be able to count the steps they take which ensures that they get adequate exercise daily.Before we dig in did you read  Why Sell Candles Online On Shopify if not click and read it kindly.

The Advanced trackers can offer features like heart-rate monitoring, workout routine management, and sleep analysis, allowing the user to train more effectively and efficiently by monitoring their day to day performance.

According to expert analysts, by 2019 the sale of the smartwatch is expected to reach $5 Billion. The giant in fitness tracker Fitbit’s shares dropped by 33% in 2015, meaning that there are new opportunities for new brands. Luckily you don’t have to design and manufacture your fitness trackers to sell them, instead, you can drop ship them.

Finding a Perfect dropshipper For Your Trackers

Drop shipping is a procedure of purchasing a product from a store, once the customer has ordered it from your shop. Which means that the product is directly shipped from your drop shipper to your customer.

If you want more profit on, you can lower the cost of your goods by ordering the fitness trackers in bulk from Alibaba, or you can also buy them one-by-one through Aliexpress.

The most popular fitness tracker on AliExpress is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which is in the budget and has an OLED display, touch button, and an improved pedometer algorithm. Xiaomi went further ahead and created their fitness app which displays all of the stats of their Mi Band, but it can also be synced to Google Fit or Apple Health instead.

You can also sell smartwatch bands which are interchangeable in fun colours such as neon pink or green if you want to increase your average order value. Offering these interchangeable bands can be a great way to increase overall sales.

How to Build a Fitness Brand from Scratch While dropshipping

While starting a fitness brand, you may get scared or demotivated, but it is natural and happens to everyone. However, there are a couple of things you can do to make the process fun and easy.

The most crucial thing to think about when starting a business is to the target audience. Who do you want to sell your products? Are you comfortable in marketing through blogs, as and social media to that audience?

Choosing your target audience has a massive role in the branding of your product.
For example: To target your product towards the fitness conscious people or seniors is entirely different than targeting professional athletes.

You need to create a brand name that grows with your target audience. And you need to use that name as your website’s domain. For this purpose, you can use the Shopify’s free business name generator for available domains.

The next thing you need to do is to build your online store using imagery, copy and a site layout that grows with your target audience.

While working on your site towards its establishment, don’t forget to build your audience on social media as social media is extremely powerful for increasing sales.

And it will also help you in advertising, so when people come to your page via ads, they will find some content on the page.

How to find Fitness Trackers followers and convert them to long term customers?

Next step will be to find customers for your fitness trackers. And the optimal way to do this is by contacting relevant blogs and publications to feature your products.

For Example: If you are targeting people looking for candles, it will best to contact blogs which post about decorations.
You can also get featured in one of their blog posts by offering a free sample to them.

The benefit will be that the blogger will provide an authentic and unbiased testimonial for your product, which will further interest consumers to buy your product.

It is best to build your social media fan base on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Daily update your channels to appear as active and responsive to your fans. This will help you when you place ads.

The best way for advertising is Facebook; you can post cheap and effective ads there. Google Shopping and AdWords also work well for unique products and brands.

Fitness Trackers Shopify Business Model

Whether, you purchase the goods in bulk or individually, always remember to put prices which are competitive but at the same time ensure that you have a sustainable income.

Sell Fitness Trackers Online

For example: if you buy a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for $20 then you can charge up to 65$. But if you put a low price like 30$ for it then you won’t be able to afford marketing charges like FB ads, paying bloggers, etc.

You should also not put a high price which results in no sale because your competitors will be selling in prices lower than you.

Fitness Trackers Shopify Dropshipping tips:

If you are going to do dropship through Aliexpress, here are some useful tips to help you:

Do Product Shipping With ePackets

On Aliexpress, the free shipping is too slow, and the specific options are expensive. Try to find sellers who offer ePacket shipping; because it’s affordable and allows trackable and fast shipping from China to most developed countries like Canada, UK, and the USA.

Find Top Products On The Same Niche On AliExpress

You can get confused on AliExpress if you are new and finding a top product is going to be a bit difficult for you. So to what you need to do is sort your search by “Most Ordered.” This technique will put the top sellers at the top so that you can choose the top products from there.

Learn From The Already Existing Competition

You can grasp a good idea of what the product looks like in real life by going to the reviews tab and viewing reviews with images and make sure you read reviews as well to understand the quality of the product better.

Also check out the “Transactions” tab within the product listings to see purchases from the seller, if you see several Product purchases from one person then it is possible that he also drops shipping that product, which tells you that it is safe to buy that product.

Set the Right Price For Your Trackers:

Never under-price, you may be paying very less on AliExpress, but you should put prices which will leave you with the money to spend on marketing and a margin for yourself.

Try to sell product three to four times higher than its cost.

Use Hyper-Targeted Ads On Facebook

On Facebook, you can target audience based on their preferences and sets of behavior.

For example: If you are targeting laptop customers, you can target windows proffering customers with laptops that have windows installed, and you can focus Mac preferring customers with Apple’s Mac.

These functions can be found in the “Behaviour Targeting” section of your Facebook Ad manager. You can use Hyper-targeting to a variety of demographics and behaviors.

Start your Shopify fitness tracker-store!

The smartwatch sales are expected to grow over the next four years, so it is your perfect ticket to start the business online. Don’t wait and start selling today!

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