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Top 10 Shopify Sales Apps Based On User Ratings


Shopify Sales Apps Based in Feedback And Ratings from Users

Boost order value, include quick references, reclaim deserted carts, and create an associate marketing program. Promote sales by creating options for the recently viewed product on your website with this top Shopify sales app.
The apps are reviewed and installed by successful store owners.


The reviews and appraisal are based on the installations and replies by store owners who have experienced growth in sales and increment in customer checkout.

1. Sales Pop by Beeketing

This application has been reviewed by 5095 individuals who gave 4628 five star reviews and 398 four star review. Sales Pop is a powerful selling tool which aids in increasing sales. It is created to be socially consistent; this app displays shopping activities on your store through real-time notice popups. If a buyer has an idea of other customer’s interest and what they buy from your store, it generates a positive effect and drives them to buy your products.

Shopify sales apps

Features of Sales Pop

• Highly customizable designs.
Mobile business is gaining excellent momentum as a conventional way to do online shopping. Sales Pop is flexible on all mobile devices, which is the main attribute when creating an app. With sales pop, you can edit the message, position or reveal the time of the notification to optimize the app.

• Increase customer engagement and trust.
Sales Pop offers a physical presence to your site. The store is humanized, worthy trust is built, this increase visitors due to active customer engagement. Overall, there is actual evidence a customer is ready to buy goods.

Why Sales Pop is an all-important App?

  • Sales Pop is an elite FREE and unrestricted marketing tool that has increased sales and improved customer experience.
  • Extremely adaptable messages, positions and display time
  • With sales pop you can conceal any notification for orders you
  • Receive that are old or show notices arbitrarily
  • It is both Desktop and mobile responsive with prominent features
  • It doesn’t fill up spaces; it uses minimal resources on your site
  • Sales pop is a One-click installation with no coding needed.

2. Product Options by Bold

This application has been installed by over 1200 people who left about 1130 five star review and 84 four star review. This is one of the most reviewed and loved Options app on Shopify for three years.
Features of product options.

Shopify sales apps
Below are well-defined features of Product Options which makes it distinct among other option apps on Shopify.

• Provides flexible prices with diverse possibilities.
• Permits Conditional Logic to be used to show or hide options centered on what a user chooses.
• Revisable Options is available In Cart.
• Allows you to utilize Bulk possibilities to several products at a time.
• There is a bulk remove option.
• Will enable you to affix help Tooltips to alternatives, this possibilities help your customers.
Why product option is your number one go-to app
• Unlimited Options.
You can add a lot of option categories to a product, with any tool you choose.
• Product option by bold has Bulk apply options to thousands of products with just a click.
• You can save options as well as options sets for inhibited use.
• Product option has diverse options types available. They include cascading single, multiple pop-ups, Single text entry, numerous text access, Calendar selecting a tool, picture uploads, frames, multiple select frames, and lots more.
• You don’t need any coding knowledge or experience because of the embedded style control
• Modifiable Prices with separate options.
• An option to upload Files and Pictures

3. Product Reviews Addon by

This app has 1004 reviews with 5-star reviews from 938 users and four-star reviews from 42 users.
Products with reviews transform better than those with no review, has features that include

Shopify sales apps

• Ability to write review directly from their email
The emails dispatched to your customers contains a review form, which allows them to leave their reviews directly in the email without visiting any website, thus, making expedient for your customers. This can increase the possibility of getting additional reviews.
• Mail review requests with prime timing
Product Reviews Addon send review request mails or a new order which enables you to manage pre-orders.
• Question & Answers:
This is a feature that enables your customers to ask questions about your products. This aids in creating a community thereby building trust for your customers.
• Custom Forms:
The feature can help gather elaborate reviews from customers, by incorporating extra questions in your review requests emails and displaying the delivered custom questions in the product reviews gizmos.
Distinct widgets to display your reviews in vital discussion pages. They include Full page reviews, Single review, Side Drawer reviews, Carousel reviews, Site Badge and Wall Photos
• Email tracking
Trail the email’s position to ascertain whether the customer has opened the review email if a customer has submitted a review. This helps you organize the next method to use.
• Track links click in emails
Track your customer’s email links clicks. This method helps you comprehend the next marketing method to utilize
• customer’s language preference and flexibility
This feature helps you change every text in the review email and thank you page to your preferred language.
4. ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions by ReCharge
This app is the number one Recurring Billing app for Shopify.
It has 1000 reviews with 5-star reviews from 953 users and a four-star review from 35 users. The features include
• Subscription Management
ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions offers followers the ability to revise subscription options, like frequency, quantity and transfer plan. You can also leave-out or postpone Deliveries. It also proved a medium that counteracts subscribers from canceling by offering control to selected set delivery options.
• Several Email Notifications, inventory prognosis
• Capacity to distribute data on customer actions, dormant customers and pre-paid shipments.
• Unmodified language translation mechanism
• comprehensive rewritable outline
deliveries or single items

5. Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q and A by yotpo

Yotpo more than just a review program, it’s a user-generated content engine for development. It has 1032 reviews with 5-star reviews from 849 users and four-star reviews from 73 users.

Shopify sales apps

The features include:

  • Complete Social Integration – put up great reviews and ratings on your business’ social pages such as facebook and twitter by selecting the reviews you want to share, or leave it for our smart algorithm to implement.
  • User-Generated Photos -gather and showcase client’s photos and accept a comprehensive method to visual marketing.
  • Open question and answers – there are queries responded to on the buyer’s current profile impulsively, here such questions are then and directed to questions any other shoppers for their outright views.
  • Merchandise references – this feature gives customers comparable and well-liked products to boost conversions and regular order value.
  • Google Ratings – presents rating and review data in paid Google ads.
  • Drive genuine pictures to boards like Pinterest to push massive traffic to your website.

6. Consistent Cart, Activity Monitor, Abandoned Cart Toolbox by CarisApps

Over 15, 000 stores rely on this app; it works in the background to alleviate the rate cart are abandoned. It also and increases your sales by rescuing over two million sales lost every month. This application has been installed by over five thousand persons with 1, 221 reviews with 1, 016 five star reviews and 144 four star reviews.

Shopify sales apps

Features of Consistent Cart, Activity Monitor, Abandoned Cart Toolbox

• Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

If a client adds items to their cart without complete the checkout, this app can mechanize a couple of beautifully structured abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to the customer. Cart abandonment emails are very important to any booming e-commerce store.

• Automatic Scheduling

This app Schedule three abandoned cart emails that are sent spontaneously at a definite time after cart abandonment.

• Smart Auto Stop

This feature bars irrelevant emails after buyers have purchased by double-confirmation of customer orders before any email is sent.

• Automated Push Notification Campaigns

The automated push notification campaigns can be used to reach back out to your abandon carts. This app pre-built push notification templates allowed modifications and built for conversions.

• Smart Abandoned Detection & Instant Trigger

Push Notifications can be activated at the exact time a cart is abandoned. Utilizing the Smart Abandon Detection technique, our script is detectable when a shopper has abandoned their shopping cart, and a message is sent to them spontaneously.

7. Recart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Toolbox by Recart

Recart is designed for you to sell more. This application has had 868 reviews with 755 five star reviews and 75 four star reviews. It also replaces seven different apps: such as Face book Messenger Marketing, Add to Cart Popup, Abandoned Cart Campaigns, Push Notifications, Email Capture, Form Auto fill, Abandonment Analytics.

Shopify sales apps

Features of Recart

• Start-Stop Emails
Recart comes with Auto-Stop Sending mechanism which cross-checks every recipient promptly before sending. If they have made a purchase, then the message is halted automatically
• Push Notifications
This is the improved and efficient way to take on your customers. Push notifications will be your most reliable, and productive marketing medium.
• Auto Subscription
This app automatically gets activated in every primary browser and operating system. It is the easiest way to double your list and send instant campaigns.
• Why choose Recart?
Recart already made $33,000,000 extra sales. It can take place and functionality of 6 apps. Recart is known for grabbing five times more emails for you and lots more!

8. Product Upsell by BOLD

Product Upsell is presently one of the swiftest growing apps in the app store, right now; it is highlighted as a unique Scale Your Store App. This app is increasing stores sales daily. This application has over nine hundred and twenty-two reviews with 808 five star reviews and 75 four star reviews.

Shopify sales apps

Features of product upsell

  • It arguments sales quantity of every sale via flexible upsell offers
  • Elevates appropriate add-on goods to customers based on what is present in the cart, total dollar amount in cart, or even a blend of both
  • Expands diverse specials or items based on order value and add it to the Product Discount app.
  • Product Upsell mobile Friendly

9. Personalizer – Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot

This application has 787 with 746 five star reviews and 26 four star reviews. LimeSpot Personalizer increases profits by displaying the perfect product, to your customer. It has Multiple Product Recommendation Boxes on every page. Real-time Reporting Dashboard, A/B Test Tool, several website coverages, etc.

Shopify sales apps

Features of Personalizer – Targeted Recommendations

  • Intelligent Product Recommendations on all pages such as most Popular Products, Related Products, You May Like, new arrivals, etc.
  • Dynamic Pages, for example, You May Like, Most Popular Products, Trending Products, Featured Collections, etc.
  • Upsell Recommendations
  • Cross-sell Recommendations and lots more!

10. Recurring Orders & Subscription Box App by Bold

Provide subscriptions to recurring products. With this app Customers can choose how frequent they want their order to recur, the app automatically charges the credit card and brings out the order instantly in your Shopify order admin.

Shopify sales apps
This application has been reviewed by 783 users, with 694 five star reviews and 43 four star reviews.

Features of this App

  • Subscription Only and Fixed Shipping Dates.
  • Convertible Subscriptions
  • Automatic shipping update
  • Cancellation prevention
  • Buyers get complete displayed order management supervision
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Bull discount codes.
  • Build-up subscription figures by permitting shoppers consent to one product, and change to another monthly.
  • Dynamic discount

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