Simple Steps to Open a Dropshipping Using Shopify |

Simple Steps to Open a Dropshipping Using Shopify


So, you are looking for ways to set up your drop shipping business and have it running through Shopify. However, not knowing how to set up your drop shipping business can turn into a huge disaster and in order to avert any form of disaster, here are the simple steps that can help you open your dropshipping using Shopify.

• The first step is the most obvious one and it is to name your business. However, it is also important to keep the name simple, creative and memorable.
• The next thing you want to do is create a Shopify account. Following the simple instructions allows you to set up and run your Shopify account.
• Optimize your Shopify account and this is quintessential so that you can receive money from your customers. Here you will be setting up payment methods, create store policies, and establish your shipping rates.
• After you have added and customized your Shopify account, it is time to launch your dropshipping store. Launching your dropshipping store is easy – access the “sales channels” option on your Shopify settings and select the “add an online store” option.
• Once you have launched your online Shopify dropshipping store, it is time to design it. The design of your store is going to hold greater importance as it will portray how you’re presenting your store and your brand.

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