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Trending dropshipping Product This Week (18th May)


[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]elcome to another insightful post that not only shows you top 10 trending dropshipping products this week, but also gives you an insight on how to do the ad targeting, demographics and audience suggestion for those who are doing Facebook ads.

If you are new to the dropshipping business, the number one thing that sends most drop shippers home is wasting cash on a wrong product(s) which is either congested or no-longer hot in the marketplaces. The products I share with you are based on various factors that send all signals of them being potential products and when rightly targeted can bring in sales.

Trending dropshipping products you need to add to your shop

Kayak Boat Wind Sail

Did you read my 2018 Top 10 Unique Dropshipping Products To Sell.? This product geared towards those who love kayaking, they either own a kayak or have passion for the sport, as you know when running an ad for this type of product you are going to target both magazines, stores, online shops, influencers in the same niche and it all means not all own a kayak.

This Boat wind sail product is intended for Sea kayakers but it can be used even in boats, the product itself is very portable, easy to set up and comes in handy more so if you tried of rowing on a windy day.

Trending dropshipping Product

How much can you make with this product?

The price you can list this product on your Shopify store is all up to you, there are stores selling high margin products and making a kill out of that but this doesn’t apply to anyone. If you starting your online store or adding this product to your existing products I would suggest the following when it comes to selling price:

Product Selling Price: $29.99- $39.99

Cost of Product on Aliexpress: $13.99-$14.99 (depends with the supplier on Aliexpress)

Product Shipping Cost: $0.00 it offers free shipping via e-packet

Product Profit Margin: $24.99

So where can I get this product and what are the stats?

[dropcap1]S[/dropcap1]ince we are doing Aliexpress to Shopify drop shipping, all the products giveaway I share on this blog can only be imported from Aliexpress using oberlo app or oberlo chrome extension. You can also search the product on other platforms like Amazon,eBay or wish.

If you have dropped app or Oberlo app you can as well go to Aliexpress and import the product to your shop.


Sales on Aliexpress: 303 Orders

Product Cost on AliExpress:  $14.99

Product rating on AliExpress: 4.9

Positive Feedback: 98.3%

What to look for when importing the product from AliExpress

Now that you have the product link to Aliexpress, what you should be looking for are the feedback left by customers (concentrate mostly on customers from the United States of American).

Trending dropshipping Product

Choose the product based on the number of orders, ratings, and the number of orders. As shown on the image below, there are many sellers doing the same product, you will get stores with different images, product prices, and even different product pages but what matters is a number of orders.

Trending dropshipping Product

As you can see my Oberlo chrome extension only shows products that use E-packet shipping method since thus my preferable shipping preference. As of your setting, it all depends on what you want Oberlo to pull up. Read how to use epacket and why drop shippers love it, check it out here How To Use ePacket Delivery On Shopify Store

So now that you’ve read about factors to consider when importing the above product which is our week’s Trending dropshipping Product, its time to show you the stores that sell the above product plus how to launch your marketing.

Who is selling the product as of Now?

By the time I was writing this article only Amazon and eBay were selling it. You can see the product link below:

  1. Amazon Product link
  2. eBay Product Link

How to Market The Product

There are many ways you can make sales with a Shopify dropshipping store, as per this post and the product concerned, one can use 3 or more different ways of product marketing.

Instagram influencer: Choose or research users with many followers and good engagement to share your product with their followers, they charge per every 12 hours or 48 hours depending on your budget and demographics. You can get result-oriented Instagram influencer using Shoutcast

Facebook Ad: Run PPE ads, change to WC and later scale to look alike audience if the product is having good sales. I have done a full post on how to run Facebook ads you can read it as well.

How to Run Facebook ads for this trending dropshipping product

If you going to launch Facebook ads of the same, kindly try the below-untested detail targeting and share your results with us.

Trending dropshipping Product

The audience number can be in a range of 200-350k. You get good results when you narrow down your targeting.

Trending dropshipping Product
Trending dropshipping Product



I do product research and helps the client find hot trending products gathered from different niches if they want a general store. Besides that, I also manage Facebook ads for clients and offer store design services.

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