Stripe account for Shopify

How To Get A Stripe Account for Shopify Store For Non-US Citizens


Payment gateways post the biggest challenge to anyone running a Shopify dropshipping business, today I’m going to highlight on ways to get a Stripe account for Shopify Store from anywhere in the word.

In the post, you are going to learn a lot about how to get the account and how to activate it for a successful e-commerce dropshipping business.

Summary of the posts includes:

  • How to Get US Telephone Number (via Skype)
  • How to Get EIN Number From IRS (via Phone call)
  • Best ways of Getting a legit US bank Account (Virtual US Bank Account)
  • US Mailing Address (Various Websites offer such services, e.g., Shoptomydoor which is very popular at ranges from $10 mostly used by Amazon Sellers.

Simple Guide how to get stripe account for Shopify account

To get started it’s obvious we have to head over to the official stripe website stripe and click on sign up, create a new account if you’ve never signed up on the site.

Stripe account for Shopify

1.Getting USA Bank Account

Have you ever heard of Payoneer global payment services? Well, I have been using Payoneer to obtain payment from freelancing sites like upwork from years back.
The payment services give you an opportunity to receive and send money to anyone in the world and also offers you a virtual USA bank account. That would be our first step to get your Stripe account for Shopify store.

To get US bank account is straightforward with Payoneer services, Just register on their portal and you good to go.Payoneer also mails you Mastercard sent straight to your doorstep.

Stripe account for Shopify

The card can be used to pay for goods, withdraw and shop online but you don’t have to wait for the card to arrive to start using Payoneer services.

Stripe account for Shopify

The Payoneer MasterCard can take 30-45 days to reach your destination, or you can use their DHL premium services, and the card will take 3-5 days for a small fee.

Now that you’ve registered for Payoneer and have a USA bank account you can start accepting payments from stripe account straight away. Do you have Payoneer? If Not Sign Up Now.

2.Your EIN/SSN

Now that you are sorted with US Virtual Bank account by Payoneer, its time to sort out the elephant in the room.

Social Security Number (SSN), is a unique number associated with US citizens only. By assumption, I believe you are not US citizen thus why you are reading this.

But anyway one vital thing you should be away of, getting is no joke, in fact, many close their Shopify shops due to lack of SSN.

So can one get SSN? Well, the alternative to SSN is EIN which is Employer Identification Number also goes by the name Federal Tax Identification Number, EIN is used widely to identify a business entity.

Now its time you dial some numbers and make some calls to the IRS to get your EIN, to get the EIN you’ll need to call the Internal Revenue Services and ensure you have;

  1. Downloaded the form and filled it before you made the call
  2. Call the internal revenue services via (number – (800) 829-4933) the agenda of calling is to get an EIN, you are required to send the form you downloaded by fax but just have the form at hand answer the fields you already filled.

If you don’t have a fax Machine, the operator will ask you to do it by phone just ensure the following.

  1. You are required to have the form on hand and dictate the fields asked by the operator
  2. In less than 10 minutes you will have your EIN, the same sent via your mail to your country of origin

3.Setting Up  Stripe Account

Now that you have your EIN log into your storage account and switch the account mode from LIve/Test to LIve and activate your stripe account.

Still, on the stripe, you will be required to verify your mobile phone number. Hence they send a text code verification to your us number.

Phone verification is required to fully activate your account for withdrawals.

Stripe account for Shopify Store

Next step would be to fill in your stripe account for your Shopify store, make sure you fill in exact information you have at hand.

Country: Unites states
Business Type: Individual or sole proprietorship
EIN: Enter the number IRS gave you
Address: Enter any mail forwarding US (PO BOX format)
Phone number: Use skype Numbers and avoid free US number services they will detect it and deactivate your account.
SSN: Enter 0000
US Bank Account: Log into your Payoneer account and check under Global Payment services, take all the bank details on that tab including bank name, account number, routing, account type and fill it in in your stripe account for Shopify store.

If you just followed the outlined instriuctions above, then you’ve successfully not only created but also activated your stripe account for dropshipping business. we are not done yet with the topic of Stripe account for Shopify.Lets continue..

Are we done? Nope! You need few vital things for smooth operation.

For your stripe account to be active, you need to at least get money in it within 7 days of opening it.This will help you not have any issues with your stripe account in future.

After you’ve received the payment in your account, you are required to change the setting in your payouts to manual

After all that is done, in case you experience delays n your payment you can call stripe more custom care your US skype number and inquire about the delayed payments.

Stripe Account for shopify

The customer support will ask you for your current location, just alert them that you not in the US now, but your details are valid and legit.

Talking about your details, kindly maintain the skype number for at least 60 days or 30 days.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Stripe account for Shopify if you have any other better ways you’ve come across kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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Comments (29)
  1. K.Hoang 1 year ago

    Hi man, just wonder how do you get the US number to receive the verification code from Stripe ?

  2. Vlad 1 year ago

    I want to ask what is your status with this as i understand you are faking that you have a company and applying for EIN. Do you still oay taxes? As a company or as a person? Last question is it something that they would find eligal and would hey check on you after this?

    • Samwel Dollah 1 year ago

      1.You are not faking you have a company in fact you need a business name that must match the name you using to apply
      2.When your cash hit stripe you get taxed the same applies to Payoneer Virtual Bank Account but not major tax and this is not illegal remember you are not US citizen thus why you didnt apply using SSN

  3. Naser 1 year ago

    Hi Samwel,

    Thanks for the method. Before we contact the IRS, don’t we get to get an LLC for our company?

    • Samwel Dollah 1 year ago

      Yes you need LLC company or jut business name.

      • Nathalie 10 months ago

        Hi and thanks for the much needed info! Can you explain what you mean with “just business name” ? Is that cheaper than starting an LLC and how would we apply for that? Thanks in advance!

  4. Elena 1 year ago

    Hey Samwel,
    Thank you so much for your thorough explaination. I do have 1 question thou..

    I did go to the USA once (I had a student J1 Visa that lasted 6 months). I went as a student (part of the student program Work and Travel USA). So, I do have a SSN in my possession and on my name. Can I use my SSN in this case? Or would that be illegal?
    *I’m not a US citizen and I’ve only been to the US once..

    Thank you again.

    • Samwel Dollah 1 year ago

      Thanks Elana For stopping by,Yes you can use your SSN,you have advantage over others since others have SSN but not currently living in US but they run their business using it.I don’t see any legal issue associated with that.

  5. lizard 1 year ago

    Hello Samwel, thank you so much for your article! I got some questions.
    1. how long have you been doing this? Is it a really solid strategy? And how much money can you make per month without opening eyes of anyone?
    2. When calling the IRS, what should we expect them to ask us, and what should we say? Can you elaborate a bit more on this point?
    Thanks again for helping 🙂

  6. King 1 year ago

    Sir, do you know any other way to get EIN ,for us outside of USA? I try to call them but it doesnt work 🙁

    • Samwel Dollah 1 year ago

      There are no any other option unless you have a partner in US who can do this on your behalf on a partnership arrangement.

    • bekir solo 9 months ago

      Get an online fax number.
      Get a mal box.
      then fill out yhe SS-4 form.
      Fax the form.
      after 4-5 days IRS will fax your EIN back. And they will send a letter to your US address.

      I have a video on youtube about this but it’s in Turkish.
      It can be done easily. You don’t need to call IRS. Calling is better and faster but again you will need a US based mail address.

  7. M.Irfan 11 months ago

    Sir ,
    Thanks for info , i made account perfectly but after few days i got this message for verification my credit card so i used my payoneer card but still my problem not resolve please check screenshot

    Need solution please.

    • Samwel Dollah 11 months ago

      Payoneer is debit/prepaid card you need to use card connected to your bank either visa or Mastercard. There are some functions Payoneer cant do.

  8. Adham Sabry 11 months ago

    Amazing Post, Thanks

    My question would be related to tax , I am running a SAAS business, do i own any tax to IRS ?
    If yes how much ?
    Are they going to report me as individual to my home country ?


  9. jesus 10 months ago

    what would be the process if I have partnership arrangement.?

    sorry I’m from Mexico wanting to do dropshipping or print on demand in the US and I have a family member who lives there

  10. Pater Noestroom 10 months ago

    So, did anybody do this successfully? I got stuck with the social security number. It says I need to enter a valid social security number. Screenshot:

    • Pater Noestroom 9 months ago

      I talked to stripe. You have to enter 9999 (not 0000 as stated in the article). And I have now an activated stripe account, received a payment online, had it paid out to payoneer and now the money is in my own local bank account. So it works. In my communication with Strip I pointed them to this blog article and they seemed totally okay with this approach.

  11. bekir solo 9 months ago

    0000 as the last digit SSN doesn’t work if you dont have an LLC .
    With just the EIN, I could not setup a stripe account.

  12. eric 9 months ago

    i have been receiving my payment with paypal, does it mean i have to go through all these if i want to start shopify?

  13. Inga 8 months ago

    I really don’t get how it works if:
    1. Stripe does not work with dropshipping business (read in T&C it is high risk business for them, and they declined my application after they found out my business model).
    2. You cannot pay money to Payoneer FROM your own personal account or your company’s account. So how money goes to Payoneer? Does it show up as Stripe on the statement and your surname is not visible?

    If it works, fine, but is not not walking on a thin ice because they haven’t caught you?

  14. Erick Karani 8 months ago

    In the Form SS-4, what details should I put under Mailing Address,Street Address, City and country since I am not in the US. Thanks I am in Kenya

  15. Djed 8 months ago

    Thanks for this awesome blog about how to get a stripe account , but I have a question , can I please pay you to do that all this job for me because I don’t want bro make any stupid that can cause me to be detected thanks in advance I will expect your answer.

  16. Nii Aryeh 7 months ago

    In the Form SS-4, what details should I put under Mailing Address,Street Address, City and country since I am not in the US. SHould these details match what i place under business address and personal address on Stripe?

  17. Alex Ribi 5 months ago

    Does this process still work?

    When calling the IRS I’m prompted that telephone applications are not accepted and it has to be done online.

    When trying to complete the application online it asks for a TIN number. Have any of you come across this or found a solution around this to have the application done?

  18. This quite informative.I was able to set up stripe payment gateway in my eCommerce wordpress site and i have started receiving the payment.I called IRS online and the whole process was pretty much easy


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