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Turbo Shopify Theme Review- Out of the Sandbox


Turbo Shopify Theme Review is an all inclusive review  that covers performance,speed,feature and what makes it the best Shopify theme for any Shopify store owner or those who do Aliexpress to Shopify dropshipping business.

Turbo Shopify theme is designed for fast and  pre-loaded with internal features that would normally require extra apps for your Shopify store. They are paid apps, with monthly subscription but You have all this features in a purchase of Turbo Shorpify.

Turbo Shopify theme review

These features are added to the theme code, this permit store owners to remove extra charges for Shopify apps and also reduces conflicts with third party apps which are common when used with Shopify theme.

Some Shopify apps needs a monthly or periodic charges: To use features added to your store, you need to pay via out the lifetime of your store. Just before we dive into it,you can also read a post I did about Booster theme review and compare the notes before you settle for either one of them.

While using Turbo Shopify theme with it’s advanced features, is a one time payment that gives you new features without future payments and easy upgrade using Out of the Sandbox’s exclusive Shopify Theme Updater App.

These are features come with your Turbo license, and some alternative apps that can add similar or more functionality.

 Turbo Shopify Theme Features

Turbo 3.0 has a new predictive search ability that allows your shoppers to quickly find exactly what they are searching for.


Turbo Shopify theme and other Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes, have “Quick Shop” feature installed in them that allows users import items to the cart directly from the collection page and get an easy check at product details by not even opening the product page.

Turbo Shopify Theme Review

Turbo’s quick shop modal windows allow  advanced coding that loads content when needed which saves page loading time.


Turbo has multitag filtering used for  advanced filtering option at collection pages. This feature, allow  shoppers filter products based on it’s color, size, vensor, material, etc. Turbo multitag filter feature also allows for custom color swatches for color properties.


Turbo Shopify theme allows you to combine many text, images and menus elements into an endless combination of layouts. Mega menus are great for stores with larger inventories in that they allow you to access multiple levels of your site.  This also make navigation more visually oriented, allowing users products to be located at sight rather than, reading text.

It also give way to promote products, featured items or sales and collections close to your site’s navigation menus


Turbo Shopify theme  and other Out of the Sandbox themes come with extra templates that have the ability of to drag and drop interface to make an advanced product page layout with a content page like “about us” or “our story” and also to create photo gallery.


These layouts can include extra sections in any order you’d want and allow you to create an attractive page with almost no coding.


Turbo Shopify theme has  updates recently, that viewed products module  you can be placed on collection and product pages in alternative locations, as a reminder to shoppers of other items, resulting in extremely higher sales.


Turbo shorpify theme also feature a new cart type: The mini cart. This automatically opens and update when a customer adds an item to the cart, which they found it easy to see how to check out, while still  exploring more of your store.

The collapsible feature lets users to check on what items are in the cart while still in the page they are and without cluttering  your site.


infinite scrolling or customers being able to continue browsing more options without reloading the collection page. These options are good ways to encourage your customers to continue going through all of the products you have and make a changing animated look  of store.


Selling generally depend more on image quality, so it is important to showcase your imagery in different possible ways. Turbo Shopify theme features a gallery page that free the Shopify sections drag and drop interface to let you have a changing  look book or gallery page.


All of Out of the Sandbox’s Shopify themes come with these following features built in and ready to go without any code changes or installation.

Out of the Sandbox themes also contain features that many apps, both paid and free, that you can add to your store, but with no stress of insulation of a separate app and potential code conflicts, including:

  • A more collection of section types
  • Size charts
  • Product discounts displaying
  • Social sharing
  • Zoom and Product galleries
  • Quantity boxes (Turbo and Retina also include plus and minus buttons)
  • Back in stock forms
  • Calculate Shipping rates automatically.
  • Sale, new, pre-order and coming soon banners
  • Full width sliders and banners
  • “Agree to terms” checkbox

In conclusion, adding these “smaller” functions using third party apps or you can easily calculate $10, $20 or more per month, if you opt in to get custom code modifications made a higher one time fee.


On considering the add-on functions that Turbo come with at no extra charge. The one time cost of $350 for Turbo in recurring app fees is affordable.

If you’re using all or some of Turbo’s advanced functions, it means that you can recover your one-time investment in Turbo within few months of using the theme. These estimates don’t count for additional, “smaller” features that could  add $10 or $20 or more per month to your expenses.

Also, have it in mind that you will continue paying the periodic app features all the time you want the features plus the additional charges for new apps you might install later.

With Out of the Sandbox theme, you will not only pay once, you also gain access to all new features updated in time to come. The Out of the Sandbox development team is continuously adding new features, to keep it updated but you’ve “locked in” the initial price you have paid for it.

However, these estimates don’t include any of the charges included in installing apps and troubleshooting problems that will inevitably arise. They also don’t account for your time taken to install and dissolve problems with third party apps that Out of the Sandbox support do not support.

Conclusion about Turbo Shopify Theme Review

It is important to remember that since the code used to build Shopify themes can’t access the Shopify API or advanced programming functions, there will be cases where some of the built in features may be unable to include some of the addict features can be provided by third party app. example, because Shopify themes can not have a full time access to your store’s product, customer databases or inventory the built in functions offered as part of a theme purchase will be unable to perform tasks such as exploit customer information, creating storing custom data or advanced logic.

Where Shopify theme can not perform as a full featured app, it is worth considering, most especially if you are new, if you can “make do” with the included feature set rather than additional expense at this on set.

Established store owners should check options available to them and consider carefully on which ways to avoid app overload.

You ready to check it out? Click Turbo Shopify Demo


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